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It Pays To Be Social!

Here are some of my favorite things about Webtalk!!

I control my Newsfeed. Not the algorithm. I tell Webtalk whose posts I want to see. When I follow or connect with someone, I put them into custom groups so that later I can choose to see just their posts in a custom Newsfeed.
Freedom of speech. Everyone is free to express their thoughts & beliefs (porn, etc. is not allowed). There are no "fact" checkers censoring what you say. There are many points of view being expressed.
Webtalk pays its users. Webtalk pays 50% of its ad revenue back to its users. (Other platforms keep 100% of their ad revenue.
When is the last time you got paid from another social media platform? Webtalk pays you commissions when someone who joins with your link makes a purchase on Webtalk. The earlier you join, the more ways there will be for you to earn. Join now before the best spots have been filled. Webtalk donates 10% of its profit to charities.

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Webtalk PAYS you to be social‼️ No other platform pays you part of its ad revenue to scroll their Newsfeed. They keep all the money they receive from their advertisers for the time you spend scrolling to themselves. They hide your posts by putting them lower in the algorithm when they contain key words that they decide they don't want you to use. They censor you when they don't agree with your point of view.
Spend some time checking out Webtalk and remember that this is just the beginning. Webtalk is growing fast.


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